Dagens intervju: Super rare Joy division intervju för alla

Rock´s backpages – arkivsidan med rockjournalistik  som innehåller massor av artiklar, recensioner från de 50 senaste åren har publicerat en intervju med Joy Division från 11 Augusti 1979. Den gjordes av Paul Rambali på NME och The Quietus publicerar intervjun i sin helhet idag.

Några utdrag

“We’ve said to people: ‘Haven’t you ever been listening to a record where you’ve been singing a certain line and when you find what it really is you feel let down?’ But they just won’t admit that at all. They still wanted to know what our lyrics were about.

“Don’t you think it’s wrong to pin somebody down like that? Our lyrics may mean something completely different to every single individual.”

Peter Hook om att alla vill veta sångtexternas betydelser

Stephen Morris, the drummer who completed the foursome a few months after Ian joined, lives, like Ian, in Macclesfield, and owns a huge record collection, partly inherited from his jazz enthusiast father.

“He took me to see Count Basie once…So I took him to see Hawkwind. He was getting all dressed up and I had to explain that, no dad, it’s not that sort of concert…”

Stephen Morris om hans och Ians Curtis olika musiksmak

“Then I used to work in a factory, and I was really happy because I could daydream all day. All I had to do was push this wagon with cotton things in it up and down. But I didn’t have to think. I could think about the weekend, imagine what I was going to spend me money on, which LP I was going to buy…You can live in your own little world.

Ian Curtis om fördelen att inte behöva tänka på sina arbetsuppgifter

För att läsa intervjun i sin helhet. Kika in här:The Quietus

Här är ett av de mest klassiska Joy Division klippen. She lost Control!



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